KA Software Consulting


KASC provides solutions to software and integration problems, provides wide variety of programming services, custom software applications and ERP implementations primarily on IBM servers (AS400, iSeries, IBM i) but also Windows and Oracle environments

The founder, Kudret (A.K.A Kurt) Aykut is a versatile, resourceful and diligent PRINCE2 project manager and ScrumMaster certified IT professional, with a wealth of technical skills acquired across a wide range of roles during over 30 years IT career within various industries. Excelled in all aspects of the business application development life cycle from initiation to Agile iterations, furthermore, operation/maintenance phase, preparing documentation and user training.

Built a reputation of making the complicated simple; utilized outstanding problem solving skills to provide practical solutions to tough problems.


Operate on the principle of owning client's problems and relentlessly committed to provide the most optimal application design and solution possible

Core Expertise

  • Application Design and Implementation

  • ERP Software Implementation

  • Integration

  • Customization

  • Process Management, Redesign and Improvement

  • Change Management

  • Providing Solutions

  • Android Game Design and Development

Outstanding Accomplishments

  • Managed complex software projects ranging from $50K to $2M, most of which in top-ranked, world-renowned companies, such as Unilever, Novartis, Clariant, and JTI, and successfully delivered on time or even earlier and under budget, exceeding client expectations during 17 years of IT Project Management career

  • Cultivated long-term client relationships by honesty and integrity, understanding clients’ needs, building trust, establishing rapport, consistently delivering high quality results, careful planning and execution, addressing concerns and eliminating surprises with a proactive approach and maintaining high levels of client satisfaction

  • Achieved outstanding results in conversion projects, such as Frontier Communications, Sandoz, Clariant and Turksped; cut project times estimated by company up to 75%, by automating the conversion process with extraordinary design and coding skills, handling the hard part with computer instead of using manpower

  • Slashed processing times of routine daily/weekly jobs up to 85%, such as Woodbridge ODS & LOG processes and Frontier CR&B status report, by devising, designing and implementing apps, resulting in saving hundreds of working hours and tens of thousands of dollars in operational costs each year

  • Diagnosed and fixed problems which could not be solved for many years, in just a few months, such as tobacco invoice issue in JTI and several issues in Woodbridge, with exceptional determination and analysis skills

About KASC Logo

KASC logo contains 2 "impossible" shapes; a hexagon and a rhombus.

The hexagon is the most flexible shape found in nature. Virtually everything is constructed using hexagons. From flowers, to honeycombs even human beings and our molecules are built by hexagon building blocks. It's also the most scienticially efficient packing shape. In addition, it's used to present "preparation" process in system flow charts. Since I believe in efficiency and careful planning in system design, the hexagon is the best shape to represent KASC.

The rhombus represents "decision" process in system flow charts. KASC history is full of tough decisions, which was saved millions of millions of dollars to the clients.

The shape style is chosen as "impossible" since in numerous cases, KASC took on the responsibility and signed a contract to solve an issue or complete the project in very limited time, others tought the project was "impossible". KASC is ready to accept any challange. Hence, the logo contains not one, 2 "impossible" shapes.

Color orange is chosen since it represents the creative side of KASC. Also, KASC brings endless energy in to the projects. Blue represents professionalism, trust, power and loyalty. In many cases, KASC signed a short contract for a single project, which led to an over a decade relationship with many successful projects.




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